Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy is composed by highly qualified staff, with exclusive dedication, trained to give an integral consultancy service, unique in Altea la Vieja.


  • Processing of sales-deed
  • Restricted access to deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Wills
  • Power of attorney / proxy
  • Company Formation
  • Management of purchase and sale of companies in 24 hours
  • Heritage Approvals
  • Declaration of Heirship
  • Settlement, presentation and following up of deeds at any Property Registry in Spain
  • Obtaining certification from the National Registry of Societies.
  • Preparation of founding charters.
  • Legalization of statutes and notarial signature assistance.
  • Deed legalization and tax deposit for Company etablishment as well as registration at Trade Registry.
  • Census declaration.
  • Obtaining Tax Identification code (C.I.F.)
  • Business Tax registration (I.A.E.)
  • Obtaining identification labels.
  • Company registration in the general Social Security System.
  • Industrial Accident Insurance registration.
  • Getting Visitor Book, staff registration and annulation and work contracts.
  • Obtaining Tax Identification number (C.I.F)
  • Preparing documents for creation of Co-ownership or Civil partnership.
  • Settlement and payment of capital transfer tax.
  • Company Census registration for start of activity.
  • Business Tax registration (I.A.E.).
  • Obtaining identification labels.
  • Visitors book (Social Security insectors, technicians, etc.)
  • Penalties resources (Traffic, Local Police and Transport).
  • Requests and cancellations of local traffic tax.
  • Registering, unsubscribing and changes in Business Tax (I.A.E.).
  • Trade and Industry registration and changes of ownership.
  • Follow-up Opening License until its approval.
  • Legalization of Tecnical Proyects at any Professional School.
  • Registration in the Property Register (urban an rural properties Mod 901 and 902)
  • Processing Capital Gain (surplus value).
  • Changes in ownership of Property Tax ( I.B.I.)
  • Minor Works License request.
  • Getting certificates at Town Hall or any Official Body.
  • Getting Graphic and Descriptive Certifications of Rural and Urban Properties.
  • Requests at Official Bodies.
  • Request for legalization of Trade Name at Registry office.
  • Request for legalization of Trademark at Registry office.
  • Lease agreements / rental contracts.
  • Registration in Civil Registry office: Baptism, Birth, Marriage, Death.
  • Certificates from Civil and Ecclesiastical Registry office: Baptism, Birth, Marriage, Death.
  • Obtain Spanish "Libro de familia" and duplicates from any Civil Registry office.
  • Getting Numerous Family certificate.
  • Renewal of Numerous Family certificate.
  • Translation and legalization of documents.
  • Copies of Wills.
  • Gun License request.
  • Request for Hunting and Fishing licenses.
  • Consular Visa.
  • Census managements.
  • Municipal Tax Payment.
  • Statistics Certificates.
  • Certificates for companies that process agricultural products.
  • Charitable Associatons / Fundations.
  • Cementery managements.
  • Accident Insurance
  • Health
  • Life Insurance
  • Home
  • Owners' Association
  • Trade
  • Transport (we can ensure truck loads).
  • Cars
  • Mopeds
  • Motorbikes
  • Withdrawal of driving license.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Ten year insurance for buildings.
  • Registrations
  • Cancellations
  • Certificates

Tax Consultancy

  • Verbal and written advice.
  • Doing all mandatory tax returns both quarterly and annual reports.
  • Preparation and filing of annual accounts in Trade Register Office.
  • Keep the accounts, economic and financial reports, tax and accounting guidance.
  • Accounting and tax planning based on financial statements and current applicable legislation.
  • Development of financial and tax plans to decide on investments and borrowing.
  • Preparation and legalization of offical accounting books.
  • Register and cancel tax.
  • Survey of tax amendments that may affect the taxation.
  • Rectification of business data.
  • Financial resources.
  • Inspections by AEAT (nacional tax administration agency)
  • Inspections by labour delegation.
  • Acts of conciliation at SMAC (service mediation arbitration and conciliation) for prior agreement before going to court.
  • Spanish arbitration service for the resolution of industrial disputes: ACAS / FMCS
  • Reservation and certification of Company Name.
  • Writing Bylaws / Articles of Association.
  • Public deed at Notary.
  • Tax liquidation.
  • Registration of Public deed in Registry office.
  • CIF request.
  • Mandatory books of account.
  • Registration of Business tax.
  • Register the census declaration of start of activity in the Treasury.


Legal Advice

  • Foreigner´s identification number (NIE)
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability
  • Actions for payment
  • Obligations and contracts
  • Compensation for traffic accidents
  • Evictions
  • Inheritances
  • Legal proceedings: ordinary, oral, enforcement actions. foreclosures, accord and satisfaction, agreements, small debts proceedings
  • Separations and divorces
  • Divorce settlements
  • Divorce modifications
  • Custody
  • Alimony
  • Driving under the influence
  • Domestic violence, abuse, assault
  • Drugs and offences against the public health
  • Injuries, homicides, and murders
  • Criminal complaints and lawsuits
  • Legal proceedings: fast-track trials, summary, accelerated, and trial by jury proceedings
  • Provision of legal advice to those under arrest, fast-track trials
  • Dismissals
  • Actions for payment and recognition of rights

Real Estate Consultancy

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Ampervillas Real Estate in Altea la Vella

Real estate in Altea is our passion. In fact, we have been pursuing this successfully and professionally for the last 27 years. For your peace of mind, all our properties are carefully selected and screened. We ensure that everything is in order from a legal point of view. Our offices are in a prime location: Altea La Vella.

Ctra. de Callosa, 78, 03599 Altea, Alicante
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How do you serve such a crucial market as a real estate broker? The answer is simple. With professionalism, customer care, and the best possible after-sales service.

The feedback we receive from our loyal customers shows that we have set foot in the right direction. But daily we keep working and try to optimise our ability to meet the needs of the White Coast real estate market.

Our team consists of experienced sales consultants and marketing specialists, but above all of competent employees. They are always there for you and have a long history of having proved themselves on a daily basis in our family business.

We want to satisfy your requirements as fully as possible. You deserve to know that you are in the best hands possible!

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